Pangea Maths Competition 2018 Finals and Awards Ceremony

May 12, 2018, London – Pangea, the Europe wide mathematics competition celebrated its 1st highly successful annual event in the UK and 11th year in rest of the 21 other European countries with 410,000 participants.

The competition sets out to eliminate the fear of maths through promoting participation while inspiring talented students to quest for mathematics excellence.

5278 students from 77 Schools throughout the UK completed first round papers under supervision within their own schools. The top 20 students across 7-year groups (Yr4 – Yr10) then attended the UK finals in Perrin Lecture Theatre, Blizard Building at Queen Mary University – Whitechapel Campus on 12th May 2018. The UK arm of the contest has received interest from English medium international schools in Gibraltar and Germany as well.

Year 4 prize winners were, Pranav S. of Merton Court Preparatory School (1st prize), Yan-Heng Z. of Dean Close St John’s School (2nd prize) and Simone P. of CJD international School Braunschweig Wolfsburg (3rd prize).

Year 5 prize winners were, Om J. of CJD international School Braunschweig Wolfsburg (1st prize), Nafiz K. of Harlesden Primary School (2nd prize) and Armaan S. of Clapham Manor Primary School (3rd prize).

Year 6 prize winners were, Haris D. of Plumcroft Primary School (1st prize), Benjamin K. of The Stroud School (2nd prize) and Alice D. of The Queen’s Lower School (3rd prize).

Year 7 prize winners were, Xinan S. of Liverpool Blue Coat School (1st prize), Fred L. of Liverpool Blue Coat School (2nd prize) and Matei R. of Kingsdale Foundation School (3rd prize).

Year 8 prize winners were, Kalp G of Liverpool Blue Coat School (1st prize), Charlie D. of Dean Close St John’s School (2nd prize) and Shutian C. of St Anthonie’s School for Boys (3rd prize).

Year 9 prize winners were, Aidan R. of Liverpool Blue Coat School (1st prize), Abinaath S. of Liverpool Blue Coat School (2nd prize) and Chenyue Z. of Liverpool Blue Coat School (3rd prize).

Year 10 prize winners were, Tommy W. of Stratford Grammar School (1st prize), Reece A. of Liverpool Blue Coat School (2nd prize) and Muhammad S. M. of North London Grammar School (3rd prize).

Liverpool Blue Coat School took the award for most participants and most finalists as well as the most winners.

Hosted by actor and comedian, Neil Grainger; graciously attended by Speaker and the first citizen of Tower Hamlets, Cllr Sabina Akhtar; Isaac Anoom, AKA Mr Numbervator, who also presented a maths show at the event;  David Burley, Chairman of NRCSE (National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education); Axis Advisors, Angela Bell and Merium Bhuiyan; Axis Trustee and the headteacher of NLGS (North London Grammar School), Hakan Gokce and presented by the Axis team of volunteers and board members, the finals proved a standing room only resounding success.

The Education Secretary, Damian Hinds; Prime Minister, Theresa May and the Buckingham Palace correspondence coordinator on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, have sent their best wishes and support for the Pangea Team in the UK.

The Pangea team predicts an even bigger event in 2019 based upon an ever-increasing number of schools and students involved in the event after the registration deadline this year.

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