About Us

Pangea is a reputed competition organised in 21 European countries and now it’s being held in the UK.

Pangea is a fun and challenging competition for the primary and secondary students. The competition brings together students of like interests and abilities, allowing them to form their own community in which they will find friendship, inspiration, and encouragement to a far greater degree than most of these students can find in the typical classroom. Beyond encouraging an interest in mathematics, the contest helps prepare students for competition and helps them develop the ability to think about and solve complex problems.


The primary aim of ‘’Pangea Maths Competition’’ is to cultivate a love and appreciation for mathematics among students – this is achieved by giving such students exposure to deeper, more challenging and brain-teasing mathematical problems. Students will have to work their fingers to the bone!

The contest

Tutors will subscribe individual students, classes, or even the whole school online to the competition. Every teacher initially registers in the registration portal at www.pangea-maths.org and fills in the application form. With the teachers’ account, tracking of the entire competition process and the insight of the results is possible.

Mathematics is a key area of school education. Unfortunately, the math is yet simply seen by many students as the “fear subject”. Many students do not trust their skills and tend to avoid maths whenever possible, along with the lines of “grin and bear it”.

The Pangea Mathematics Competition is the exact addressing approach here. By means of the Pangea philosophy, we motivate all participants for mathematics, which is obtained by the fact that at least half of the tasks in the first round are solvable for everyone; thus increasing the self-esteem of students and empowers them in their own abilities. Mathematically gifted students are “strengthened” in their abilities, whereas weaker children motivated and guided to their own strengths. Nothing motivates more than success.